“My son has been on an IEP since he was 3 years old. He was diagnosed with Dyslexia, Specified Learning Disabilities, ADHD and ODD. We have been in the state of GA for 3 years now, and since 2nd grade his IEP has been failed multiple times. Meetings with the director of Special Education at his school did not work. 

We felt that he needed to be in a private school to receive the attention he needs. I found a perfect school for him, but the cost was very high.

I was simply overwhelmed. All I wanted was to get my son the help he needed. That’s when I sent an email to Learning to Serve to see if they could help us afford the school that could make a life-changing difference for him.

Between our Learning to Serve Scholarship and our SB10 Special Needs assistance, we were able to reduce the tuition drastically, and I could fill in the gaps. As a single parent, I work a full-time job and several part-time jobs in order to provide what we need, so this was an absolute blessing.

This has been an extremely long journey and it is still ongoing, but God has finally told me to continue what I am doing and let Him do the rest! He is truly showing out right now and Learning to Serve has really allowed us to transition to a wonderful education for him. To see his progress each day is truly amazing and mind blowing!”