From a mom in Putnam Co.:

“When my son was in the 3rd grade, his father and l went through a divorce. He began to have anger issues. At the same time, he was diagnosed with ADHD. I put him on a 504 so that he could receive accommodations when deemed necessary.

“He does better in a smaller classroom setting and he needs extra time to process things. I made the decision to let him shadow at a private school during his 6th grade year and he enjoyed his visit. He even said, ‘Momma, l know that I’ll do better there because it’s a smaller school with smaller classes.’ It was a no brainer after that.

“His school has given him a great, diverse experience which has helped him become more confident in himself. His teachers love and support him. His school is also family-oriented, which makes me feel good as a single parent.

“Our LTS scholarship has been a life-saving award. I’m so thankful that you chose my son. He loves everything about his new school and he feels safe. He’s getting a personable experience with education that’s helping him become a better student.”