Alex Brennan, with East Mountain Development Group, has supported Learning to Serve since 2009. “Financial constraints are oftentimes the limiting factor for whether children attend the school of their choice. We believe that LTS offers families the assistance they need to provide better opportunities for their education. Additionally, we love the fact that LTS requires service projects (as opposed to basing awards purely on demonstrated needs), and we believe this early exposure and commitment to service leads to positive development of empathy for kids that might otherwise not develop that trait.”

Alex says it has been very easy to support Learning to Serve through the years. “The forms are easy to complete, and the organization does a great job in distributing the tax forms on the back end that you can hand straight to your tax preparer. Other than those two tasks, probably the hardest part is determining what amount to give on a year-to-year basis to insure you receive the maximum benefits allowed under the SSO program.”