From a Walton County student:

“I was struggling academically and socially before attending private school. Before my current school, I was at a homeschool co-op which I would attend only once a week. It was hard to stay on track and learn when I felt I didn’t have the everyday support or help from the teachers. Before that, I was at a public school with large classes and felt like I was just a number with all of the students.

Attending a small private school has been great because I have smaller classes with teachers who actually know me and are always able to help me and create a better learning environment. My confidence in who I am as a student has gotten better because I am actually learning and applying myself in my classes and making good grades.

I love serving as part of earning my LTS scholarship. I’ve served at my church for years. I help create the crafts and projects that kids do to help learn their lesson on Sundays. I also teach a small group of middle school youth girls every week about the Bible and help them grow in their faith.

My advice to younger students who are starting to serve their community is to find something you enjoy doing and start serving there to make an impact in the community.

Being able to attend private school has been life-changing. My current school is having a great impact on my current grades and education. Before attending a private school, I wasn’t sure I could even finish high school, let alone go to college. Now, I’m looking forward to graduating with good grades and going to college. I am excited to go to school everyday.”