Service Opportunities

“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Importance of Service

When our founder, Mandy Hudson, was a high school senior, she had the opportunity to participate in a school citizenship trip to Washington, D.C. There was one problem: she didn’t have the money to attend. She approached a family friend, who agreed to pay for her trip, with one condition: that she would volunteer in her community. She agreed, and found that giving beyond herself gave her a greater sense of purpose, rather than a sense of entitlement that can come from receiving gifts. It made a difference that has shaped her life and the way she views the world.

We believe that students don’t simply receive an education to better their own lives. Students should also learn that their gifts and skills should be used as often as possible to better the lives of others. As students begin to understand the importance of giving beyond themselves, we believe they will understand the larger purpose of their education and their lives. 



Opportunities to Serve

It is not any particular service or action that Learning to Serve is seeking to encourage; rather, we seek to see students experience the satisfaction that comes from making a real difference in the lives of others. Real-life experiences like these will help build a child’s character and ensure that a philanthropic ethic will be passed on to future generations.

The list below is a starting point for individuals interested in service to their community. Please contact the organizations directly to register for opportunities. If you can’t find an opportunity to participate in these organizations, we encourage you to ask at your child’s school for any opportunities to serve. You may also consider holding a fundraiser to support one of these organizations, or another charity of your choice.

If you would like to suggest a volunteer opportunity that is suitable for school-age children, please email Heather Leo.



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