From a parent in Walton Co…

“Learning to Serve is so much more than a scholarship for our family; it is a bridge that gaps between my daughter’s education and a Christian education, which is extremely important to our family.

My daughter loves helping others and since she receives the scholarship, she now looks for other volunteer opportunities. She understands that with hard work comes great reward and has been willing to put the work in to be eligible for Learning to Serve.

From the beginning, Learning to Serve has been helpful, honorable, and extremely knowledgeable in their field. One of the reasons that I am able to send my child to a Christian school is because of the Learning to Serve scholarship which bridges the gap for families who otherwise might not be able to afford an outside public school option.

Every year, my daughter looks forward to writing her essay on the scholarship application about all the volunteer opportunities that she has taken advantage of and how she has helped our family. We have a large family of 7, including a special needs child, so every little bit helps and we could not be more thankful for the Learning to Serve Scholarship.”