The Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit program has been massively successful! Each year, thousands of Georgia families are able to choose the educational environment that best suits their students’ needs due to the scholarships that are funded by these tax credits.

This year, requests to contribute for tax credits through this program totaled more than $150 million on the very first business day of the year – far exceeding the current $120 million cap.

State Representative John Carson has filed legislation (House Bill 54) to increase the cap on Georgia’s Qualified Education Expense Credit program to $200 million, thereby increasing the number of students in Georgia that will benefit from these scholarships. 

The Georgia legislative session is meeting right now, and we must act quickly! We are asking you to take a moment to contact your local and state lawmakers to increase the annual cap on Qualified Education Expense tax credits. You can click this link to find your legislator’s contact information: Georgia General Assembly – Find Your Legislator (

Please let them know the following:

The Qualified Education Expense Tax Credit Program has been hugely successful in Georgia by removing barriers to education and should be expanded. Please raise the cap to $200 million by supporting HB 54. Many other states are adopting or expanding K-12 tax credit programs, with the Florida annual cap now standing at more than $1 billion! Thank you for your support of this program.

In order to keep this program strong in Georgia, we must make sure our voices are heard. Please contact your lawmakers and make sure they know we appreciate their past support and wish to see the program grow in Georgia. THANK YOU for partnering with us!