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Providing scholarships to those willing to serve

Learning to Serve believes that every child has unique needs and should be given the chance to attend the school that they feel will allow them to become the best they can be.

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In many cases this may involve a private education. However, not all students and their families have the financial means to afford such an education. Scholarships provided by Learning to Serve provide access to private education that may otherwise remain out of reach.

We believe that students don’t simply receive an education to better their own lives, but should also come to understand that the greater purposes of those abilities and skills, obtained through a quality education, should be used as often as possible to better the lives of others. As students begin to understand the importance of giving beyond themselves we believe they come to understand the larger purpose of their education and their lives, namely service to others. When the greater purpose of service is understood by the student it provides an additional reason to excel.

It is not any particular service or action that Learning to Serve is seeking to encourage, but rather we seek to see students experience the satisfaction that may be obtained in making a real difference in the lives of others by giving beyond themselves. We believe that real life experiences like these will help build a child’s character and ensure that a philanthropic ethic will be passed on to future generations.

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